So your dream is about a fully digitized chain? Process purchase and sales transactions for both blue and white collar hiring via one network? One platform that handles all data integration? We think that dream makes sense!
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If you run an employment agency or consultancy firm, you know what we mean

There are quite a few systems and processes and what is best for your organisation often causes problems with your customers. How do you connect your ideal process for timeregistration and invoice management to their optimization of purchasing? And without the unnecessary costs of custom-made integrations!

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Digitization in a flash: Standardized connectors make all the difference

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Corporate integration software that has been made equally simple as ordering something like an internet subscription? That was the goal! Born in the cloud, with a natural thought about collaboration, that asks for swift solutioning and that is exactly what you will be getting.

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Connect with your purchasing system or HR process

A complete menu of connectivity options standardizes your optimization for integration.

The most special thing about FlexForceMonkey is that it is not very demanding on your system. Whether you want to shop with us from a catalog buying process via punch-out, or you require a data feed as HR master data. Whether you want to participate with or without a time registration system. We have a combinable solution for all common choices. And we connect your supplier(s) for you following the digital desires they have. We think that is simple online collaboration.

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Unlimited human resource data
Unlimited assignmentdata
Unlimited timesheet data € 0,25 per timesheet
Unlimited invoicedata
Onboarding Free Free
Systemconnection/data mapping € 750 per system € 500 per system
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