Stop operations battles on PO numbers and billable hours that do not fit in the labor agreement: join the collaborative flex experience

If you deliver flex workers

We think bills have to be paid and money has to flow, so when an invoice is based on correct services we simply think it should be set payable without further hassles.

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We see high costs at many temps agencies because invoices from customers come to a stand still in the process. This leads to processing costs to provide release information, but this also generates huge interest costs because money is simply transferred too late.

Digitization in a flash: Standardized connectors make all the difference

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Corporate integration software that has been made equally simple as ordering something like an internet subscription? That was the goal! Born in the cloud, with a natural thought about collaboration, that asks for swift solutioning and that is exactly what you will be getting.

Corporate or SME employment agency?

FlexForceMonkey believes in an online market and thus makes collaborative processing possible for everyone.

The FlexForceMonkey platform connects effortlessly to your processes via HR-XML messaging, but you can also choose to work manually and manage resources and time in our online portal. In all cases we connect your customer(s) following their digital preferences. We think that is simple online collaboration.

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PS: have you heard already that working in our online portal is free with a basic subscription?!

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